Favorite Youtubers

We all love spending the days on the coach with a cup of coffee and binge-watching youtube videos… or at least, I do.

So on this chilly Sunday I’m going to share with you my favorite youtubers that I watch as soon as I see their videos in my subscription box. I’ma split them into two categories: Top 3 Vlogs Channels & Top 3 Beauty/Lifestyle People.
  • The Michalaks – no doubt my favorite youtube channel to watch. Sadly, they upload only once a week, but the content, the editing, everything is just spot on… their vlogs are produced like mini movies. Not to mention how cute little Gracie is and it is actually a little scary to think I’ve been watching him since he was born;
  • Everyday Estée –  I’ve been watching Estée for so many years that I feel like I know her. Really want to be her friend, lol.
  • Tara Michelle Vlogs – love how positive and happy her vlogs are.. always making me feel better (and a little bit jealous as she lives in LA);
  • Lily Pebbles – beauty, fashion, lifestyle, vlogs.. her channel is basically everything I like to watch. Really enjoy her neutral makeup tutorials as that’s what I go for most of the days.
  • Casey Holmes – this girl knows her way around makeup. Highly recommend, her makeup tutorials and reviews are the best. Every time I want to do something more ‘bam in your eyes’ with my makeup or want to see if a certain product is worth the hype I go to her channel.
  • Niomi Smart – her channel is a combination of healthy food, fitness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I love watching her while i’m getting ready… Her vlogs are also really entertaining.

Who are your favorite youtubers?


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