My M.A.C Collection


Before my liquid lipstick obsession all I wore on my lips were M.A.C lipsticks. So I have a little collection of nude, mauve, and berry toned lipsticks.

My 8 M.A.C lipsticks.


Whirl (matte): the perfect rose/brown toned nude. This Kylie Jenner-esque 90s lip is the one when you wanna grunge it up or are wearing a darker outfit. I love pairing it with my ‘Whirl’ lip liner.

Viva Glam II (satin): I bough it mainly because Velvet Teddy was sold out and the counter lady recommended this one. A muted pink beige with a hint of shimmer. It does not suit me though, so I don’t wear it.

Velvet Teddy (matte): with all the hype I had to buy it… This is your classic brown-toned nude matte lip. Love it!

Mehr (matte): a dirty blue pink. It’s the perfect everyday shade that I pair with M.A.C ‘Soar’ lip pencil. My personal favorite.

Captive (satin)a duty free treat to myself. I fell in love with plum-ish, darker tone at first sight. A little bit out of my comfort zone, but it’s perfect for autumn/winter.

Plumful (lustre): i’d say Plumful is Captive but in lustre finish. Effortlessly wearable, berry shade that is comfortable on the lips.

Please me (matte): muted rosey pink. It’s a great spring colour.

Pink Plaid (matte): a very delicate muted pale pink color. I haven’t worn it much though which is a shame.

What’s is your favorite M.A.C lipstick?


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