ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks Haul

Hi, guys. In today’s post I’m gonna show you swatches of the ColourPop liquid lipsticks I bought on Black Friday last year. I went a little bit crazy and purchased like 16 liquid lipsticks. Had to see what’s the hype about, right? Plusss you know I love my liquid lipsticks.


Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

no flash
with flash

LAX – vampy red | Tulle – dusty burgundy | Bumble – warm rose | Viper – dusty rose | Teeny Tiny – deep greyed out plum | Perky – muted rose | Clueless – dusty mauve | Trap – dusty greige | Time Squire – muted pink beige | Airplane mode – Dirty peach

Product Overview

I like them! On the lips, they feel weightless and even a bit powdery, but there is absolutely no moisture in this formula. They have no taste or scent. Last a really long time and they are only $6. You have to work fast because they dry within 30 seconds, and it’s best to get an even application in one go, rather than trying to layer. One thing I don’t like is that they are very dry when applying and that is a huge difference to Kylie’s liquid lipsticks.  Keep in mind that they come off darker than you see them in the bottle and that tricked me a bit. My personal favorite of them all is Time Square, I find myself reaching for it the most.

Ultra Satin Lip

no flash
with flash

Baracuda – warm deepened rose | Magic Wand – light nude | Mess around – mid-tone greige | Stud – warm brown terracotta | Dopey – muted pink | Toolips – deepened plum brown

Product Overview

I bought them in a mini pack for $18 just to try them because they looked so cute. They dry down to a comfortable, satin finish and leave that velvety feeling on your lips. Also what impressed me is that they are long wearing, last pretty well through eating and drinking. If you’ve always wanted to try a liquid lipstick, but they are too dry for you, you’ll love the Ultra Satin Lips.

Do you own ColourPop liquid lipsticks? 


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